Ann Bolinger-McQuade’s Virtual Book Tour

Bestselling author Ann Bolinger-McQuade is excited to have you with her on the Virtual Book Tour Celebration for Everyday Oracles – Decoding The Divine Messages That Are All Around Us. .

Follow Ann as she shares her book EVERYDAY ORACLES, and uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work; and then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours.

Discover new blogs and audiences as Ann goes on tour.

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Day 1 Ann Bolinger-McQuade — Launch Off

Day 2 Dr Carla Goddard

Day 3 Linda Leon

Day 4 Rebecca Elson

Day 5 Jessa Slade

Day 6 Lisa Tully

Day  7 RealTalkwithLee – Interview

Day 8 ChicksConnect

Day 9 Matt Welsh

Day 10 Cyrus Webb – Interview

Day 11 Adele Park