Apr 09 2012

Guest Blog Post — Virtual Event Platforms — Which one to use?

Jerri Goranson

Virtual Event Platforms — Which one to use?

There are so many choices today from event platforms and technology to use to conduct your virtual event. There are also many different price points to choose from. The first thing you should do is choose your budget, then write down a list of features you want the online event technology to have. Next go to Google and start your search. Alternatively, you can simply take a look at the various technology below.

WebEx.com —  You can have online meetings inexpensively with Webex.com depending upon how many people you want to attend and the features you want to use. There are videos to teach you how to use the software.

Gotomeeting.com — They have several price points and several different choices to choose from depending upon how many people you want to attend your virtual event and what features you want to have. Also offers training on how to use the software. They even have an option where you can collect payment which is integrated into the system with PayPal.com.

Fuzemeeting.com — This platform offers many ways to have a meeting and give a presentation including mobile options. There are three different pricing options and price points the highest one is about 70 dollars a month and allows for up to 100 attendees to your event.

Adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html — This is more than a web conferencing software it is also collaboration software. There are different levels of  use you can get monthly and even per- use accounts depending upon your needs.

BeamYourScreen.com — You can share your screen with anyone or a multitude of people with this online meeting software. You can change presenters during an event, record, there is a whiteboard, a chat area, and more. The pricing is competitive, you can get a lifetime license with a onetime payment if you want to.

MegaMeeting.com — You can get video conferencing as low as 40 dollars a month with this solution and even get a white label solution to sell the conferencing solution under your own brand. This can ultimately bring in a whole new income stream if you decide you want to do virtual events full time.

AnyMeeting.com — This is a feature rich solution that allows you to sell tickets to your webinars online with PayPal integration. You can share your screen, record meetings and more with this software. Right now it is completely free. While it doesn’t rank as high as some of the others in terms of how well the technology works, it is free.

As you can see there are many different software choices to choose from when it comes to virtual event technology. It depends on what features you need, your budget and whether you like using the software. Each has a free trial option so try them all out to determine what you like best. Further, this just scratches the surface of what is available out there to try. Do a Google Search on online conferencing and event software and you will literally find hundreds of different options.


Jerri is the Author of Book Marketing Virtually: How you can benefit from using an Online Book Marketing Specialist- visit her book blog at www.bookmarketingvirtually.com



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