Jul 04 2012

What Our Clients Say

When Eunice and I connected about Savvy Book Marketing providing online book marketing for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, I was totally unaware of the options for marketing my book online. This quickly changed, as she ably guided me on my online book marketing options. I have encountered new avenues for promoting my book, and I have been amazed at the possibilities for branding myself as an Author online. One of the most exciting moments for me has been launching my first Virtual Book Tour, coordinated by Savvy Book Marketing.

Eunice has been a guiding hand in my journey, as she is very knowledgeable and well-versed in what she does. She has been patient and supportive of what I am doing and I have thanked her over and over again for what we have accomplished in finding an online home for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends.

I do hope that many other writers will be able to make full use of Eunice’s talents and abilities in  finding a place for their writing online. We cannot allow her talents to go untapped!

Giftus R John, Author

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