Jun 07 2012

5 Things to Consider when Writing Content

5 Things to Consider when Writing Content


There is so much information on the internet and much of it is a waste of time to read. I’m sorry but it’s true and many authors make that very same mistake when writing content for their blog or website.

An author’s website is important for increasing the number of books sales and to gain positive visibility of both the author and the book. It provides an important connection between the author and the reader and if managed properly will create an atmosphere that hopefully will continue for many years.

Having a website is the first thing an author must consider probably even before the book is actually written. Be clear in your mind what you wish to accomplish by having your website, whether it is for selling books or to gain a following of fans who are interested in what you have to say.

5 Things to consider when writing content or blog posts

  1. What is the purpose of your content? Is it to inform, educate, amuse or entertain? Consider carefully why you are providing information and what is your goal? Most websites contain a page introducing the author, a book description, a contact page, testimonials, media information and a blog. Each page must supply the material promised.
  2. Is it relevant? Don’t waste your reader’s time. If they are on a page looking for a description of your book then make sure that’s what they will find. Your blog will be the perfect place for you to really connect with your readers where you can let them learn more about you or where you can provide information important to them.
  3. Is it interesting? Entertain ~ even if your material includes boring facts and figures there should probably be a story that can be told to make it convincing.  Turn the tables on yourself and consider if you were someone who landed on your site – would you stick around and read more or would you leave right away.
  4. Is it too long? Keep it short and sweet and make sure the first paragraph grabs your reader’s attention. It’s really not any different than when an author writes a book – it’s important that your readers wants to continue. This is critical. Our attention spans seems to be getting shorter all the time so remember they are looking for information so give it to them as quickly as possible and don’t drag it out too long.
  5. Did you succeed in your goal? It’s extremely important to evaluate and use the resources available to you to learn whether people stay on your site, buy your books or products or subscribe to your mailing list. Analyze regularly and update when needed, keeping your material fresh and informative.

There are many things to consider when writing content for your website that includes how to structure your text, font size, use of headings and sub-headings, when and where to place images and the much talked about search engine optimization or SEO.

Once a book has been written and published the actual hard work is just starting. It’s important to remember that as an author you are operating a business and there will be many components of your business you must attend to. Having a website and writing relevant content is just one of those components.

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